Calvert ARES Report for February 2015

The month of February saw lots of snow and ice.  We went into a standby mode for the first ice and wind storm of the season but didn’t see any power or communication outages that warranted an activation.

Our regular meeting (third Tuesday of the month) was canceled due to the possibility of ice on the roadways and an on-air net was used to take its place.  The training given during the net revolved around the wilderness protocol and how it could be used during an communications failure event (or really any time).

We’ve started doing message handling training at the end of the club’s weekly net (Monday nights at 19:30 on 146.985 repeater) which seems to get several active and passive participants.  Utilizing the trivia messages that routinely come through the Radiogram list, stations practice receiving the message and can send a response as well.  I already relayed one message from this week’s trivia on the MEPN from one of our stations here in the county.

While not specifically ARES related, we have secured space on a tower in Prince Frederick for the 444.950 repeater (FM and System Fusion) and APRS digipeater which should help provide coverage to the south end of the county.  This will also provide geographic diversity for our current site.

March’s training will include development of guidelines for responding to known threats (hurricanes, fire/EMS communication failures, etc) where we’re familiar with what will likely be asked of us.  We also plan to participate in PG County’s breakfast field operation on March 21st.

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