Scenario Planning

During the March AUXCOMM meeting Shawn, N3AE, presented scenario planning and provided a template for creating the scenarios:

  1. Scenario Title
  2. AuxComm Task and Objective
  3. Supported Agency
  4. Command Structure
  5. Communications Structure & Plan (nets, frequencies, backup’s)
  6. Anticipated Duration of Operation
  7. Deployed Location(s)
  8. Pre-positioned Equipment (if any)
  9. Required Equipment for Deployment (by location)
  10. Number of Operators Required and Skills
  11. Documentation During Operations
  12. Recommended Personal Gear
  13. Operator Relief and Changeover Plan
  14. Plan for Termination of Activities and Tear-Down
  15. Post-Event Hot Wash and Documentation

The meeting ended with a homework assignment for everyone to work on several scenarios and bring them to the next meeting.  The following scenarios need to be written up to be added to the EOP:

  • Severe Weather
    • Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm
    • Hurricane/Tropical Storm
    • Flooding/Flash Flooding
  • Shelter Operations
  • Loss of County Gov’t communication systems
  • Loss of Telephone Service and 911
  • HAZMAT Operations
  • Nuclear Hazard
  • Public Health Quarantine
  • Backup Hospital Communications

Please take a stab at one or more of the scenarios and bring it to the April meeting.  There are no wrong answers so give it your best shot.

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