Tornadoes in November

While our neighbors to our south (Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina) our worrying about the possibility of a tornado or two today up here in Maryland things are just looking… wet.  Personally, I’ll take wet and chilly over a cone of vertically moving air any day.  That’s not to say that we should let our guard down, however.

According to the Storm Prediction Center there have been nine tornadoes within 120km of Prince Frederick in the past fifty years on this date (+/- 10 days).  Clearly this is well below the threshold of ‘keeping you up at night’ but it’s interesting to see there are no months where we don’t have to worry about the freak storm spinning up something bad.

If you’re interested in the environmental numbers for today we’re well below the threshold for anything really severe.  Effective shear is around 15kts, effective helicity is 20 m²/s², and ML LCL is 432m.

Just as a fun fact, most tornadoes strike on this date around 6PM (local).  Maybe they’re just hungry for supper?

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