Preparedness: Wildfires

Smokey the Bear

…can prevent forest fires.

September is National Preparedness Month and each week we’re looking at different disasters that should be prepared for.  This week we’re talking about wildfires.

When I think wildfire I think of the northwest.  Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming seem to have the largest share of these types of disasters.  Maryland, however, is not without their share of wildfires.

According to Maryland DNR, the Maryland Forest Service responds to around 500 wildfires each year burning more than 4000 acres.  Local fire departments respond to another 5000.  Most of these fires are caused by humans.

With residential areas increasingly growing into the wildland areas, there is an ever increasing risk that a wildfire will impact peoples lives.  It is important to learn how to help mitigate the risk of wildfire affecting your property as well as being ready to evacuate if the call comes.  Many times these emergency evacuations leave residents little time to react as a fire storm may already be at your doorstep.

Make a planMake a kit.  Test your plan.  Get out alive.

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